About Sommarlund

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እዚ ሓጋይ ሉንድ እዩ/Tigrinya/Tigrinska


Sommarlund offers

…hundreds of different cultural events for people of all ages in Lund’s municipality throughout the entire summer.

Nearly everything is free of charge and most events take place outdoors in many venues in central Lund, the surrounding areas and Veberöd, Dalby, Södra Sandby, Genarp and Torna Hällestad.

Sommarlund started in 2011 and has since then become a most beloved happening with the citizens of Lund. In 2015 we achieved a record of 46,500 people visiting our events! Our ambition is to have more people discover Lund as a city with lots of things to experience, even during summer.

Sommarlund is organized by Lund’s municipality, the department for culture and leisure, in cooperation with many other organizations within Lund.

Ändrad: 2017-08-16